Women who worked at manual telephone exchanges became known as "hello girls."

Telephone exchange

A telephone exchange, telephone switch, or central office is the telecommunications system in the PSTN or in big business. It interconnects digital system telephone subscriber lines or virtual circuits to make...
Best 10 VoIP Phones of 2021 for Your Business or Even your Home

Best VoIP Phones of 2021 for Your Business or Even your Home 

The future of business communications is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). A VoIP or IP phone depends on VoIP technology, rather than a physical phone line, to deliver calls through the Internet...
An Overview Of Telecommunications System


Telecommunications is the transmission by cable, radio, optical, or other electromagnetic systems of different forms of technology. It originates from people's want to communicate more than with human speech but in a...
Overview of Public switched telephone network or PSTN

Public switched telephone network or PSTN

The public switched telephone network (PSTN) offers public telecommunications infrastructure and services. The PSTN is the global network of circuit-switched telephone networks, which is run by national, regional, or local telephony...
Transmission Control Program Or TCP Internet Protocol Or IP

Internet Protocol or IP

The Internet Protocol (IP) is the primary communications protocol in the Internet protocol family for transporting datagrams across network borders. Its routing function enables internetworking and, in essence, establishes the Internet.  IP...
What is VoIP or Voice over IP

Voice over IP or VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), often known as IP telephony, is a method and set of technologies that allows voice conversations and multimedia sessions to be delivered via Internet Protocol (IP)...