How to Get a Free Virtual Phone Number in the United States (US)

How to Get a Free Virtual Phone Number in the United States (US)


Virtual phone numbers in the United States are a great way to get a toll-free phone number without paying for one. With this service, you get a free and reliable phone number, and it’s free!

Virtual phone numbers can be obtained by contacting any providers that offer them. Before you get your virtual number, you need to provide some basic information about yourself, such as your name, address, and Social Security Number.  

Why would I need a virtual phone number? 

One of the significant benefits of having a virtual phone number is setting it up to redirect to any phone number. This means that you can have your virtual number redirect to your office, home, spouse’s cellphone, and so on. 

Virtual numbers also allow for remote work and make it possible for people in different time zones to join conference calls or meetings. Moreover, those can be used for business purposes like setting up a call center or an appointment system.

A virtual phone number is a temporary phone number that allows people to receive calls on their phone and send them back to their primary landline or cell phones. If you have a virtual phone system (VoIP Service), a business phone system or a PBX, you can then use this virtual phone number as a SIP trunk. And integrate it with your phone system. This way, all your incoming calls can be forwarded to any of the extensions or IVR of your phone system you want. In this way, all of your business phone system users can use the same number and call outside of your business. This can be very helpful for you and your business, especially if you are running a small or medium call center

What is a Virtual Number and what Benefits do they provide to You and Your Customers?

Virtual numbers provide a number that is local to you but not tied to any physical location. Those can be used for business purposes. For instance, they are sometimes given to customers who don’t live near the store or cannot come in person. 

These numbers are also suitable for businesses who want to have an office in the US but are located elsewhere. Virtual numbers allow people living in other countries to set up a professional American business number without having an office there.

Which Company Offers Free Virtual Numbers in the US?

When you need a toll-free virtual number in the US, you can find some great offers. But for pure free numbers, you only have two options:

Sonetel – Get a genuinely free virtual phone number, not only in the US but also in other countries

Sonetel - Get a genuinly free virtual phone number, not only US but also other countries
Sonetel – Get a genuinely free virtual phone number, not only the US but also in other countries

Sonetel now is giving away 1,000,000 phone numbers worldwide for free.


Anyone who utilizes Sonetel’s free customer chat service on their website may receive a free phone number and answer calls for free from anywhere.

Yes, it is genuinely free.

They will not charge you any setup or monthly membership fees. With their free mobile applications, you can answer incoming calls, which will not charge you any setup or monthly membership fees. With their new free mobile applications, you can answer incoming calls from anywhere on the Internet. If you want to have calls redirected to your mobile number, you will only be charged local call rates. When consumers contact you, you may add a voice response to the number (“For sales press 1,” for example) to make it appear more professional. This is also completely free.  

How to get your free phone number from Sonetel?

To get your free phone number, follow the instructions below.

  1. Sign Up for Free: Sign up here using the Try for free button.
  2. Go to Phone number settings: Go to Settings -> Phone numbers.
  3. Select your number: Click on the + button and select a country and number of choices. 
  4. Select Free for website: Select the subscription type “Free for website” and then check out (no charge will be applied).  
  5. Done.

Sonetel Features Highlight

  • Free forever: If you also use our chat service on your company’s website, the number is free (excluding all forwarding).
  • Free call recording: You can record all your incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Fewer chargebacks: If a consumer can’t readily reach you when they have a problem, there’s a good chance they’ll submit a chargeback with their bank. Chargebacks are reduced when you use local phone numbers. 
  • Global call forwarding: Any incoming calls to your phone numbers may be routed to anywhere in the globe for the price of a local call. Answer the phone with your ordinary mobile phone or any other sort of phone. 
  • Voice response: Voice response and voicemail are simple to set up. There are prerecorded messages available in a variety of languages. You may easily record your own messages using any phone. 
  • Call from your international numbers: You can call your phone numbers from anywhere in the globe using your ordinary mobile phone. This is not feasible with free phone numbers. 
  • A professional front end for your company that is ready to use right now: Display your phone numbers from all around the world on your website. Answer phone calls using voice response (“For sales, push 1…”). 
Pros and Cons of Sonetel


  • Free Version of Sonetel is available
  • Rarely ever have to refill business accounts’ minutes.
  • Call recording is FREE


  • No Free Trial on paid plans
  • Support isn’t that great, it’s hard to get into contact with somebody over there

Rating after using Sonetel

VoIP Bible

Sonetel - Get a genuinly free virtual phone number, not only US but also other countries
Call Quality
Number Portability
Number Availability
App Experience
Desktop User Experience


The Sonetel platform looks clean and easy to use. It has introductory tutorials and, in terms of cost, it is very affordable, and it also has a free plan to try one of its numbers at no charge. The chat plugin sometimes has issues, and in some cases, it may have inconveniences connecting to the websites. Another problem is that they do not have a live chat to resolve issues when needed.
The transition from another service to Jive was straightforward. Activation of all phones took seconds to complete. The integration was fascinating, and the system itself is very intuitive. You can always try new alternatives for your business. Switching to Sonetel is easy. You can activate multiple phone numbers in seconds. The platform is very intuitive and has tutorials to learn to use it quickly and efficiently.
What problems are you solving with the product?
What benefits have you realized?
Our call team can be heard clearly, quickly and easily; we use the platform to create work teams and divide the work into multiple interest groups. Our business has excellent phone support using Sonetel.



PhoneBurner – Free Trial US virtual phone number for Call Centers with the option to integrate CRMs

PhoneBurner - Free US Virtual Phone Number For Call Centers With The Option To Integrate CRMs
PhoneBurner – Free US Virtual Phone Number For Call Centers With The Option To Integrate CRMs

PhoneBurner is a VoIP dialer software that enables you to make sound business sales. It offers quality conversions and closed deals. This tool can be integrated with a lot of tools like Salesforce, Zapier, Zoho, etc. It allows you to dial from any mobile phone without any hassle.  

PhoneBurner is also an outbound call center solution, allowing users to log in from their computer and make calls from the associated phone utilizing imported or admin-provided lead lists. Power calling, lead management, email follow-up, performance management, and analytics are among the features provided by the system.  

The solution is accessible on a monthly subscription basis and offers phone and email customer assistance. 

The PhoneBurner system complies with the TCPA/FCC. Users may keep extensive contact data in the integrated CRM or link with Salesforce and other major CRM apps. Voicemail drop, one-touch emails, email tracking, custom dispositions, call recording, call transfer, local ID tracking, and the LeadStream intelligent lead distribution system are also available.  

PhoneBurner can expand to any size team and is administered from a single central admin site. Analytics and reporting tools provide real-time insight into ongoing operations and call performance. The platform is cloud-based, so no installs, setup costs or commitments are required.  

How to get your free phone number from PhoneBurner?

  • Visit this link for free virtual number.
  • Click on the Start Free Trial button.
  • Fillup the form and click on Request a Free Trial > Button.
  • You will get an email in 6 hours.
  • Activate using the link provided into the email.
  • You will get another email to actiavate your free US virtual number package.
  • After activating your free trial you will get the option to choose your number.
  • You can use that free US virtual number forever for incoming.

PhoneBurner feature Highlights

  • Power Dialing: PhoneBurner relieves sales representatives and other contact center workers of tedious and repeated chores. By eliminating manual dialing, agents may reach up to 80 contacts each hour. The power dialer function in PhoneBurner offers agents total control over the whole call experience. 
  • Track Contact Activity: PhoneBurner’s sophisticated activity tracking capabilities take lead tracking to the next level. Agents may examine the Contact Activity page to see which outgoing emails have been opened, which links have been visited, and which attachments have been accessed. Agents may also keep track of how many times their videos have been seen. 
  • Managing Contacts: An easy-to-use CRM allows PhoneBurner users to track leads, take notes, and schedule follow-ups online. Agents should be able to build custom layouts, categories, and searches in the contact manager. They may also sort data fields and tags and previous check searches to ensure they obtain the most accurate results every time. 
  • Team Reporting: PhoneBurner’s team activity reports may be used by sales teams and other professional organizations. Managers should sift through call session records to find hidden information about their best and poorest performing agents. 
Pros and Cons of PhoneBurner


  • Automates calling, sending emails, and leaving voicemails.
  • Easily manage user base


  • Does not have any sales analytics or revenue projections.
  • There is a little room for improvement on report around time-based reporting for larger scale businesses that utilize the platform.

Rating after using PhoneBurner

VoIP Bible

Call Quality
Number Portability
Number Availability
App Experience
Desktop User Experience


Excellent CRM for Increasing Calls, Emails, and Voicemails
This firm and its customer service have been beyond my expectations. They performed an excellent job of getting us up and running, and they continue to offer prompt and efficient customer support.
Extremely simple to use. Offers Free US Virtual Number, Calls, emails, and voicemails are entirely automated. PhoneBurner allows you to make 2-4 times as many calls, emails, and voicemails as you could without it. It’s the quickest approach to reach out to consumers and potential prospects. You may easily configure the program to create the sales process you wish to use and make adjustments at any moment. It’s fantastic!
It lacks sales statistics and revenue predictions. You may combine it with another CRM to get the best of both worlds (the fastest possible calls, emails, and voicemails with PhoneBurner and sales analytics and pipeline management with an attached CRM).
PhoneBurner was the only power dialer I found that could assist our staff make more calls, emails, and voicemails.


RingCentral – Not 100% Free Virtual Phone Number, But worth every penny

RingCentral - Not 100% Free Virtual Phone Number, But worth every penny
RingCentral – Not 100% Free Virtual Phone Number, But worth every penny

RingCentral is a cloud-based VoIP solution. Ringcentral offers different types of services related to unified communications. You can buy a whole system or some customized products from RingCentral, such as virtual private numbers, Unlimited calls to the US and Canada or even a complete Call center solution. But let me inform you first, RingCentral doesn’t provide 100% virtual private numbers with its package.

You can get a virtual private number eventually, and that is free. There is a way you can get the virtual private number from RingCentral for free. For this, you need to sign up for their RingCentral Office free trial. Once you get the trial, you will get a free Virtual number that you can use to make unlimited calls to the US and Canada.

The benefit of using RingCentral is it offers various types of service integration such as Salesforce, ServiceNow zendesk and box. RingCentral has four paid plans and works for almost all sizes of Companies. Whether you are a small company or a big large organization, RingCentral will work for you. The good thing is you can use a free trial of RingCentral office, and if you are not satisfied, you can stop using it.

How to get your free phone number from RingCentral?

First of all, let’s clarify, you are not getting a 100% free virtual phone number from RingCentral. But with the trial, you will be able to get it free for 15 days. And if you buy the RingCentral Office afterward starting the free trial, you will keep the free virtual number for yourself.

  • Goto this link to get a free quote.
  • You will get a free quote within an hour.
  • They might call you to confirm.
  • Sign up for the free trial using the email you received.
  • Select your options.
  • You will get an activation email.

RingCentral Office feature Highlights

  • Call Control: To be successful, every UCaaS system must have the proper call control. RingCentral, as a communication specialist, has no issue providing a comprehensive calling control environment, which company executives may access via a simple admin site.
  • Mobility: Mobility is quickly becoming a must-have feature for UCaaS. The pandemic of 2020 compelled several businesses to begin moving their operations to the cloud. RingCentral, fortunately, already has a significant presence in the cloud environment. Though the RingCentral cloud phone service provides hardware, accessories, and devices, it also assures that employees can stay productive no matter where they are.
  • Easy Administration: RingCentral, as a cloud-based communication vendor, makes it simple for organizations to access the technology they need for UC wherever they are, without the need for sophisticated configuration. With cloud technology, you may transform your office phone system and link your calling software with critical programs such as support ticket software or CRMs.
  • Monitoring: Monitoring is critical for ensuring that customers have a positive experience. RingCentral Office’s call monitoring capability allows supervisors to listen in on calls and give coaching and help. You may set up automatic call recording and call records for compliance or just to improve corporate decision making.
  • Global Office: RingCentral Office’s “Global Office” component is a must-have for organizations that are expanding at an astounding rate all over the world. RingCentral offers broad service in over 40 countries, as well as virtual numbers in over 100 countries. By linking your employees to the cloud, you can simplify the management of your whole phone system throughout the world.
  • RingCentral Meetings: Today, it appears that you can’t have a complete UCaaS solution without also investing in meetings and collaboration tools. As the workplace grows more scattered, RingCentral guarantees that employees can stay connected by providing HD-quality meetings via video, audio, and web apps.
  • Messaging for Team Collaboration: RingCentral connects teams together with RingCentral Glip, which opens the door to a variety of beneficial collaboration tools, further boosting the effectiveness of the hybrid workforce. You may avoid the hassles of complicated email threads by integrating instant messaging features into the communication system your team already uses.
  • Security: Controlling how users access and utilize your communication technology minimizes the danger of frequent data breaches and errors.
  • Reliability: Companies cannot compete in customer service if they are unable to sustain high-quality calls and interactions. Unfortunately, outages do occur, which is why it is critical to select a reputable source. RingCentral’s 17 data centres spread across four regions also means that you can experience enterprise-grade service for complete peace of mind.
  • Analytics and Reports: Analytics is at the heart of sound business decisions. RingCentral Office includes access to a full analytics suite, allowing you to create your own dashboards with over 30 pre-built KPI tracking tools and construct QoS reports for troubleshooting.

Pros and Cons of RingCentral


  • Call handling capabilities that are versatile and sophisticated.
  • A large variety of integrations are available.
  • Domestic US calls and messages are free.
  • International numbers from 55 different nations.
  • 15-day risk-free trial period.


  • The learning curve is steep.
  • The Android app is occasionally unresponsive.

Rating after using RingCentral

VoIP Bible

Call Quality
Number Portability
Number Availability
App Experience
Desktop User Experience


RingCentral has provided a very significant overall experience. The sales and installation processes went smoothly. Users soon became used to RingCentral and were thrilled about a new communication method. RingCentral will meet our company’s future demands. By utilizing RingCentral, we can now minimize the number of contracts, homegrown systems, other vendors’ systems, and unsupported systems favoring cloud-based telephony. RingCentral has delighted both myself and my employer.
RingCentral is a solution for unified communication. All forms of communication are kept in a single piece of software. It’s a good idea to provide a business partner with your office phone number, which they may call, text, or fax. Video conferencing is simple. RingCentral may be accessed via a web browser, desktop app, tablet app, or phone app. Consolidating all of these communications in one location makes it easier for business partners and customers to collaborate with us.
RingCentral’s video conferencing software and business chat system may be improved. Zoom’s video conferencing quality is superior. The company chat system is excellent. However, it is not as fluid and beautiful as Slack. Those are two areas that could be improved.


CallHippo – Our Favorite Phone System, which provides Virtual Phone Numbers for more than 50 countries

CallHippo - Our Favorite Phone System, which provides Virtual Phone Numbers for more than 50 countries
CallHippo – Our Favorite Phone System, which provides Virtual Phone Numbers for more than 50 countries

The VoIP sector is entirely new to CallHippo. Call Hippo was founded in 2016 and may be purchased instantly from more than 50 nations worldwide. The registration procedure and the system interface are so easy to use that you may set up a contact center in only a few minutes.

CallHippo ensures that tiny start-ups, massive enterprises, and everything in between can only charge the service and provide very cheap fees. In addition, you may test out the CallHippo free plan where you just pay for a call and nothing more if you are an entrepreneur who starts your own business. Instead, the sales support staff may create a bespoke package in which you don’t pay for the users just for calls if you are part of a large company with significant call volumes. Truth be told, this one is our favorite. 

How to get your free phone number from CallHippo?

  • Go to this page.
  • Follow any of the two steps:
    1. Fill up the registration form: You will get a verification email within 15 to 20 minutes. Click on the link and verify your email address. Once you click on the link, your email address will be confirmed, and you will be asked to log into your CallHippo account.
    2. Click Sign up with G suite if you have a Google workspace account. This will be here because you don’t need to confirm your email address anymore. So, no waiting.
  • After logging in in the top right, click on the button Add number.
  • Select the Country of your choice.
  • Then fix the virtual number you want from the list, or you can search from the search bar
  • Select ok to make your selection confirm.
  • That’s all

CallHippo features highlight

  • Power Dialer: You will notice the ‘power dialog’ function on the left-hand panel after you log into your CallHippo Web App. If you copy it, you may browse to a campaign window; sales calls in the United States, let’s say. You may then submit an excellent sheet with all the contact numbers given below. In the same campaign, you can assign one or more agents.
  • Smart Switch: Smart Switch is a simple switching mechanism that allows the agents to interact and pick the one that works with numerous telephone carriers. This gives the agent console the freedom to customize it according to their own requirements. This leads to improved call connection.
  • Global Connect: Global Connect enables you to determine the time for foreign customers to call. It helps you determine a nation’s time zone (day, date and time) and the validity of the number that you want to dial for a certain country.
  • Smart Call Forwarding: Each user can opt to route calls to numerous telephones so that they can still be accessed on the go. It lets you send incoming calls to a substitute jiffy number! Get your personal phone number after hours of business or hop it over a number of phones, without your caller knowing anything in the background!
  • Call Transfer: Make sure the caller can communicate with the correct person using the helpful and practical function of CallHippo Call Transfer. Perfect for intra-company and inter-ministerial call transfers, just forward a connected telephone call to the desired extension of the team member.
  • Call Conference: Work with your customers across the world with the highly efficient CallHippo Call Conference function. Remote meetings, all with a smooth user interface and experience to accomplish your objectives faster.
  • Call Analytics: With the specific Call Analytics function of CallHippo, you may renovate and evaluate the effectiveness of your present marketing policy. Track the call volume records, the call length, input and output routing calls by clicking a button!

Pros and Cons of CallHippo


  • Comparatively easy to set up
  • Free plan is available
  • Large number of features
  • Phone numbers from 50+ countries
  • Competitive price


  • Lack of desk phone
  • No fax support
  • Platform only available in English

Rating after using CallHippo

VoIP Bible

Call Quality
Number Portability
Number Availability
App Experience
Desktop User Experience


CallHippo pricing is simple, unlike other firms in the market. Firstly, the free plan is appropriate for an entrepreneur since it already offers many features, including a free softphone, forward-to-device and third-party integration.
CallHippo was incredibly easy to use for our staff, and it was super fast to set up. It performed really well for the temporary demands of our project. Set up and use really efficiently. Excellent customer assistance. The most fascinating part of the program is that we can make outgoing calls and receive calls from across the world and enhance our customer experience and sales. So for us, this really is a fantastic product.
It would have been wonderful to create a team chat plugin for my website with zoom and zendesk, but for now, we believe that CallHippo has room to expand and integrate their product interface, which might be essential to your business in the future.


Where should I get a USA Virtual Phone Number from for Toll-Free Calling Today?

Well, we have tried for companies and tried to find the best one for virtual phone numbers. We were pretty much happy with all of these. But depending on your need, you can choose from any one of the fours. If you want a 100% free Virtual phone number, you would recommend going for Sonetel. If you’re going to integrate it with many systems like CRM or third-party Salesforce applications, then RingCentral or even PhoneBurner can be your best option. But our choice was CallHippo. Truth be told, CallHippo has a downside. It doesn’t allow you to integrate it directly with any PBX or business phone systems. But if you are a call center and desk phones are not your forte, we definitely recommend you try to CallHippo. But that was our recommendation. You should definitely check out all the features we have mentioned and then decide what is best for you. Ultimately it’s your business, and it’s your choice.

In the past twenty years, a new phenomenon has appeared – a virtual phone number. You can easily buy a virtual phone number from many providers and use it as your business phone number. They are also known as local phone numbers or toll-free numbers in the US.

A virtual phone number is a phone number that can represent your business without having to purchase an actual physical phone line. Virtual numbers are typically cheaper than landline services, and providers offer a wide variety of options for the type of virtual number you want. If you’re looking to start your own business, this may be the perfect option!

The person you are calling doesn’t need to know that you are using a virtual number as your business number. You may have to mention this fact during your conversation if required.

Virtual numbers are used for various purposes, such as masking your business number, finding out more about your business, marketing your business more effectively, and so on. Virtual numbers give you the freedom to use any number you want without installing separate hardware or software. You can choose to use a local phone number or national phone number depending on your needs.

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