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Ooma Telo Review: Free Landline Phone Service With International And Local Unlimited Free Calls

Also In comparison with most VoIP services, Ooma Telo is different: You pay for the Ooma Telo device that links a regular landline phone to your Internet connection, but you are not required to pay the service price for Vonage (19.99 per month, No Vonage annual contract) or others on a monthly basis. If you ask me, Ooma Telo is a good choice who are looking for free phone service providers for seniors especially with unlimited free calls, or free phone service for small business, startup or even home use.  Ooma has a very simple setup, a snazzy tabletop adapter with a speaker, a user-friendly web interface, good call quality, and affordable cost – all you need to do from an Internet-based fixed-line substitute service. As a free phone service provider with unlimited free call facility it is pretty good and worth every peny.

Price Plans: Is it really a free phone service?

As mentioned above, when you purchase Ooma Telo, calling anywhere in the US is free of charge, which is free unlimited calls indeed. That means you need to buy the device only. You will get free phone service afterward. It’s a $129.99 list price but in retail and online shops you can find it reduced.

But what are the amounts of these government fees? It depends on where you are. The monthly tabs amount to $4.85 in New York City, whereas it is $3.85 in Yoder, Wyoming. The World Plan, which provides you unlimited minutes to 61 countries if you want to phone overseas regularly ($17.99 each month). In that sense, this is a free phone service that you can use for your home, small business, or startup.

If you wish to migrate your current number to your Ooma account, you may also pay extra; it is a one-time payment of $39.99. But, I think, that is worth it as it will be your free phone service and unlimited free call after that. Calling international begins at 1.4 cents a minute. A Premier account level costs $9.99 per month and offers a number of features, most of which can be found in regular Vonage and ViaTalk schemes. Some of these features include telephone forwarding, unlimited free calls to Canada, 3-way conferences, Internet outages backup numbers, multi-ring (which concurrently rings over one line), and voicemail notifications.

So, you still spend around half what you would have to pay for an account with Vonage ($25.99) after the first year, even with a Premier account. Ooma provides a return policy for 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) — the same as Vonage but better than 14 days (about 2 weeks) for ViaTalk.

Launch Up Ooma Telo free phone

You have to register it online at before you can connect to your Ooma Telo free phone service provider adaptor and obviously that is the only way to make unlimited free calls with your free phone service. (I should mention that during the testing the website of the Ooma free phone service provider was down for almost half a day, which upset new users like myself that day. And, the worst part is I was setting it up for my grandma, who asked me to buy this because she heard that it is a free phone service for seniors) Just input the activation code printed at the bottom of the Ooma Telo, accept the service conditions, and accept the E911 information. Next, by inputting the area code, you select your new free telephone number which you can even use in small businesses or startups.

First, I tried popular area code 212 in New York City which did not have results, of course. Some 415 numbers still existed from San Francisco and numerous numbers from Chicago (312) and Washington D.C. (202). You may select a local number in any place you want – the Internet is this! In the resultant list, you may then select any number.

Then my contact number, password, and the issue of security required me to fill out a form with my name and e-mail address. You then input a 911 emergency telephone address; even if you choose a different localization area code. If you are a small business and looking for free phone service for small business, you should select the area code carefully. Once the free phone number is issued, there is no option to change it. Press the Enable button then. Now it’s time to connect in the system, following which the service is customized.

Requirements for Ooma Telo

  • Internet connection with high-speed (Which is a downside especially for those who are looking for free phone service for seniors)
  • Speed upstream network minimum 180 Kbps (This is not a big deal I think even you are the one who wants free phone service for small business)
  • Cable, cable, or optional home telephone HD3 Ooma handset
  • For residential usage only VoIP. (Though it is a free phone service for home users but you can use it for small business or startup)

Other features included with Ooma Basic calling service

  • Live customer support, which is too good instead of it being free phone service especially for seniors
  • Unlimited free international call for Ooma-to-Ooma. I didn’t find this package in any free phone service providers
  • Call log, preferences, and contacts online site which is a must-have for small businesses or startups who are looking for free phone service.
  • Amazon Echo and Google Home integration. This can be helpful if the free phone service is for seniors
  • Text 911 and 911 Alerts Caller-ID, call waiting, call return. Needless to say that, this is the most important service with any free phone service providers
  • Supported by 30-day cash back guarantee and an extensible Caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, 911 call, and SMS warning for 1 year.

Premier service features included with free phone services

You can receive all the wonderful basic service features with Ooma Premier plus these incredible home telephone services for only $9.99/month.

Instant Second Line™

It’s better than two lines. Make a second call or receive a second call while the use of your phone. A necessary feature for small businesses or startups who are looking for free phone service providers.

Backup Number

Calls are automatically sent to another phone number if your Internet or electricity goes out.

Voicemail Monitoring

If the caller ID is not recognized, hear when a message is being left and pick up the phone for calling at any time.

Private Voicemail

Make a private extension with a password-protected voicemail account for any Ooma HD3 Handset or Ooma Linx. You may also configure your customized greetings, personalize privacy settings and manage voice mail and forwarding notifications.

Expanded Call Blocking

Select or design your own unique call blocking profile from three pre-configured protection levels.

Call Forwarding

Send your calls to any number, even your cell phone, so you will never miss a call.

Free Mobile Minutes

Using the Ooma free phone service provider mobile app, Ooma Premier users may make and receive unlimited free calls anywhere in the US.

Voicemail-to-Email Forwarding (Audio)

Give your voicemail message as an audio file to your mail at the maximum convenience. Now anywhere you can check email, you can listen to messages.

Private Device

Set a dedicated line alongside one or more telephones, which only rings with the dials of a certain telephone number. Install a fax line or separate your home phone and work phone for everyone in the house.

Unlimited Free Calling to Canada and Mexico

Have friends and relatives in Mexico and Canada? You may now speak with the substance of your heart. Calls to Canada and Mexico are free as a Premier subscriber (excluding the 867 calling area).

Three-Way Conferencing

Regardless of whether you do business or talk with friends, it was never easier to call three-way conferences.

Send to Voicemail

Transfer your call to voicemail by always clicking the button “Send to voicemail.”

Caller Name

See caller names, even when they are not in your book of addresses.

Google Voice Extensions

Our experience is streamlined and upgraded, allowing you to access Voicemail, Call Presentation, Listen In, and Caller ID functionality, all with a button. Here is a good point I shall mention, Google Voice also provides unlimited free calls to the USA and Canada

Do Not Disturb

Get calm and silent when you wish with the simple two seconds push of the envelope symbol. Without ringing, all of your calls roll in.

Ooma World Plan: Unlimited international free calling to over 60 countries

Almost everywhere in the globe keep in touch with friends and family for nothing.

Save cash with the Ooma World Plan limitless. Or, pay for cheap daily fees as you go. To call from anywhere, use the Ooma Mobile HD app for iOS or Android. Requires an active account and Ooma device.

Ooma Telo Setting up

Physical setup of Ooma Telo free landline phone service for the first time
Physical setup of Ooma Telo free landline phone service for the first time

The accompanying fast-setup document makes the four-stage cinch work for your telephone service. Use Ethernet to connect your telo to your network, a normal phone, and an AC power supply. The harbors are noted clearly. You will complete the set-up procedure online after you are all connected in. I wanted a Premier-Level account via the online account setup. Choose if you want to get new calls and voicemail alerts to your email or smartphone. If someone uses the 911 call number, you might also get alerted.

One of the great features is the privacy level: anonymous calls and well-known telemarketers can be blocked. You may even set up a multi-ring to ring your Ooma mobile app or a shipment number at the same time as the call. Then a second phone line was given to me, which can also be a regional code. Then I took a name for a caller ID that appears on my phone. Finally, I had completed 100% configuration after inputting E911 notification email for my second line!

The Telo Device in a brief

As I have already shown above, you pay for the Ooma adaptor which includes services like Vonage, PhonePower (Software Advice $19.95), and ViaTalk. However, the Ooma Telo is a superior instrument. First, it has a speaker, as opposed to the adapters of these competitors. It is a kind of old-school reply machine that allows you to playback messages and screen calls. The floral pattern on the top is very beautiful, changing colors. After the setting was completed, I took the receiver up and was welcomed by a tone of the music, followed by a regular dial tone.

An additional Bluetooth wireless connector ($49.99) will spare you the need to connect an Ethernet connection, so that they may be placed wherever without unpleasant cables. Another feature is the Ooma Linx (Amazon $47.03), simply a wall wart that you plugin for an outlet to connect to another wireline with the wireless extension. You can utilize it for the second line of your Premier account or receive paper missives in fax mode.

Call quality was acceptable, if not somewhat better than the majority of VoIP services, however, Ooma Office was not completely clear. Curiously, my new number, Abouremeleh Has, showed a bizarre Caller ID. Probably it was only an issue of the previous number owner information that was still shown prior to the transfer to my name. Another element missed in Ooma is that there is no text messaging Skype offers Skype (Software Advice $2.99) capacity to send messages to mobile-toting pals.

Web Interface

Ooma Telo Free Phone Web Interface
Ooma Telo Free Phone Web Interface

The Web dashboard with call activity tiles, favorite number, telo status, and more are beautifully designed. You may listen to voicemails or add money to call abroad. Unlike other free phone service providers, the more often referred to nations were typically under a nickel per minute; Diego Garcia was the most costly destination I discovered for a call; the cost was 160,2 cents a minute (Skype is a little cheaper for that, at 70 cents). It actually doesn’t comply with the unlimited free international calls.


You set your greeting by picking up the phone and pressing the play button on the Telo. Set up a PIN, say your name, and speak a greeting after prompts. Also, you can be more anonymous by using the system-generated greeting with or without your number and recorded name. You can access voicemail from afield by calling your own number and hitting the star key, and as an added bonus you can record a memo. You can set up notifications for calls and voicemails to another phone number or to an email address. For an extra $4.99 per month, you can have voicemail transcribed to text in your email notifications.

Free Phone Apps

Ooma as a free phone service provider doesn’t have the OmaMobile application accessible for iOS and Android, albeit not for Windows Phone or Blackberry, as it does for phone power or ViaTalk. The 9.5MB application has been uploaded to my iPhone; permission has been sought for my mic, alerts are sent and contacts are accessed. In your Ooma account, you have to activate the mobile customer and pick if you may put or receive calls or both. There are large service terms and conditions for both and the absence of 911 calls. To receive calls, you have to turn the Multi-Ring on.

Ooma App For IOS
Ooma App for Smartphone

In summary, the mobile app is developed in its entirety: Not only can you make and receive calls, but you can also check your Voicemail and modify settings for your account.

Support by Ooma Telo free phone service provider

I would want to see assistance links on the Ooma website more obvious. The only word help on this page is shown by clicking the question mark in the Dashboard. To discover a connection to Ooma Support, you must go to the Account page. I didn’t like it very much, as it will not help those who are looking for free phone service for seniors. Here, however, there is complete information on how the service may be installed and used and a live chat 24/7. To be very honest, ViaTalk, a well-known VoIP service, provided me with speedier support. I contacted the toll-free number after my chat assistance didn’t solve my problem. The telephone support technology reset my phone, performed a nonfunctioning test call, and hung up quickly. The third time was the charm: my Telo voicemails were fluttered like a good-mode reply machine.

Ooma is the best free phone service provider

Many (including myself) have moved on mobile phones, however, the older-school kind of phone service has obvious advantages especially if you consider free phone service for business or startups, or seniors. Ooma Telo offers some of the greatest features, such as call filtering and good audio quality, as well as novel twists, such as e-mails and SMS. Ooma Telo receives a VoIP Bible‘s Choice Node for residential VoIP services with a quick setup, fair prices, practical and beautiful hardware, and good call quality. If the replication of the landline experience is less important, but you still want to call on fixtures and cell phones with even more capabilities like video and text, see our website.


Ooma delivers elegant, efficient, mobile VoIP home hardware, good mobile app quality, cost-effective pricing. In my sense, if you are looking for unlimited free international calls, free phone service providers, or landlines for seniors or your startup or small business you can select Ooma telo without any doubt.

Roosho is a Telecommunication engineer with more than 10 years of experience in VoIP and Unified Communications. His expertise has helped him complete more than 100 projects for Feds, Public Universities, Large Group of Companies in his 10 years of experience, and he is still growing with the industry. He loves to share his ideas about his experience and expertise with the world. That’s why VoIP Bible has made him the lead technical content writer of VoIP Bible.

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